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Personal Development

The Full Story

Here's a summary that includes marketing skills and experience related to personal development: 

  • Vision and Creativity: Robert is a gifted individual with vision and creativity, capable of providing interim assistance for start-ups, expansions, mergers, acquisitions, and transformation projects. 

  • Restructuring and Redevelopment: Expertise in restructuring business and redevelopment, with a track record of devising and implementing improved strategic directions to enhance performance and achieve board objectives. 

  • Marketing and Communication: An emotionally intelligent senior professional with excellent skills in staff relationships, training, mentoring, and motivation, further enhanced by studies in applied psychology therapy for counselling, coaching, mentoring and communication. 

  • Interpersonal and Negotiation Skills: Strong interpersonal, presentation, and negotiation skills, with the ability to forge excellent relationships at all levels, ages, races, and genders. 

  • Multicultural Marketing: In-depth experience in multicultural and multinational appreciation and insights, with over 30 years in senior business executive roles, enabling comfortable interaction across diverse cultures and demographics. 

  • Coaching and Counselling: Looking for dynamic and rewarding challenges that can benefit from a management skill set, with qualifications and experience in counselling and coaching that provide an advantage in future job opportunities. 


These marketing skills and personal development experiences highlight the individual's ability to adapt and excel in various roles, making them a valuable asset to potential clients.

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