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Life's tough and coping is not always easy.

Robert Paynter is a qualified, counsellor, seasoned traveller, business executive and a great listener. 

MNCS Accred -  Accredited Member -  NCS National Counsellors Society - Member Number NCS20-01745

Want to talk about it?

Probably not. You’ve most likely never considered therapy - there's nothing wrong with you, and besides, talking to a complete stranger over a video call is strange .. 


Truth is, everyone needs someone to talk to. Mental illness, clinical depression and addiction are very real issues, but the stress and pressure of day-to-day life should not be discounted either. It’s the open, honest, outside-the-box conversations about the things that are on your mind that can be the difference between coping and hitting rock bottom.


Why talk to Rob?


How can I help you?


Using experiences gained from my life's adventures and growth, enhanced by world wide travel to over 60 countries and multi-cultural interaction, I have insights to share for those needing lifestyle changes and coping skills.


Senior management and business executives that are stressed, distressed and are no longer coping normally, who need confidential, independent , out of the box support and personal advice to return to coping normally again.


Using Applied Psychology training knowledge and experience from counselling using online internet counselling.

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