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The Mesothelioma Centre

A mesothelioma diagnosis can be overwhelming for patients, caregivers, family and friends. Help for this condition comes in many forms, and often survivors credit support groups and organizations for their improved quality of life. These groups and organizations provide support, resources, assistance and a safe place for patients and caregivers to share experiences. Our support group provides a rare opportunity for patients, caregivers, and family members to share their stories and hear from others around the country who are battling the disease. We, The Mesothelioma Center, are Patient Advocates who provide exclusive services to help mesothelioma patients and their loved ones through every step of their journey. We build relationships with innovative cancer centers, help families access financial assistance and connect them to top mesothelioma lawyers for compensation. But our focus today within these lines, is the opportunity to connect strangers, who are fighters and survivors and share common experiences about coping with the disease by connecting with patients who are going through the same process. They are the most qualified to help understand the unique situations that will arrise. Our mental health counselor, Dana Nolan, will guide you through the often stressful process of dealing with this disease. She is a licensed mental health counselor with experience in clinical research in the U.S. and Australia as well as inpatient and outpatient counseling. Last but not least, Karen Selby Karen is a registered nurse and Patient Advocate. As a former tissue bank director, Karen understands the unique needs and personal goals of each patient and their caregivers. For more information feel free to click on the following links:

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